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You can find really good gourmet coffee shops on just about every street corner, I am a big fan of high end ready made coffee.  I am not alone in my love of a good cup of coffee either, this obsession is in large part responsible for the birth of the single cup coffee maker market.  Everybody including myself likes having fresh coffee on hand that can be made quickly and easily.  There is nothing handier than running into the kitchen whenever I like and making a coffee in 90 seconds and having the ability to have a different flavor each time.

Normally personal coffee makers make freshly brewed coffee one cup at a time and they do it in under a minute in most cases.  The difference between them is how much water you have to put into the machine to make a cup of coffee.  Some machines need water to be added and already heated for each cup while others have a reservoir to keep hot water on hand.

We use to once think of the cost of coffee in terms of cost per pound or cost per can, now there is a bigger value placed on convenience.  We now think in terms of cost per cup.

Some single cup coffee makers require pre-packaged coffee pods and despite the fact that they are more expensive that what you would pay per pound at a grocery store they are the fastest growing segment of the coffee market right now.

For those like me that used to go to a Starbucks whenever I wanted coffee, pods or K-Cups costs less than a gourmet coffee shop so it makes my Keurig a bargain compared to what I was spending.

Which coffee maker do you pick of the many different models out there?

Have a look at some of the best sellers and their features and narrow down to what you want from there.

Best Selling Single Serving Coffee Makers

You’re going to find that many of the most popular single cup coffee makers are based on the Keurig technology.  Mr Coffee and Cuisinart are just a couple that have licensed the technology for their own brands of coffee makers.  One of the reasons so many have done this is because of the K-Cups.  You can get K-Cups from almost every brand of your favorite coffee shop, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Tim Hortons just to name a few.  K-Cups have also expanded beyond coffee you can now get chai tea, Swiss Miss hot chocolate along with a whole bunch of tea flavors.

The big reason for getting a Keurig Brewer is you can make a hot cup of coffee really quickly and with very little mess and not only that you get to choose your favorite flavor.  Water is delivered under pressure speeding up the extraction process and this is why the brewing process takes less than a minute.  There had been some complaints by those that prefer stronger flavor that the coffee that Keurig produced weak coffee.  The new Keurig 2.0 fixed that with the release of extra bold K-Cups.  Not only that but it also makes cappuccino!

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While Keurig is still the most popular it’s not the only game in town anymore.  Tassimo brewers use barcode technology to brew coffee using the right amount of water at the perfect temperature.  Tassimo does have a selection of coffees, teas and specialty drinks that are available by the cup, but they still don’t have as big a selection as Keurig does.  The BUNN MCU  can use K-Cups, Senseo pods and ground coffee, making it a serious contender in the single cup coffee maker market.

Not all single serve coffee makers use the same technology to make coffee quickly. The Scoop by Hamilton Beach is actually a personal drip coffee maker.  It uses regular coffee you can buy by the pound or in a can, and there is very little mess and it has it’s own filter.  There are a couple of other models that work this way too such as the Black and Brew and Go and the Kitchen Selective.

Low Tech Single Cup Brewing Methods

Not every cup of coffee has to be made with an automated high tech brewer, lots of people have traded in a little convenience for that ability to customize the flavor and strength.  Cost is a factor too, low tech coffee makers are cheaper to use than using coffee pods.

Lovers of the French Press coffee makers prefer the strong and robust flavor you can make with it.

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A Pour over drip method is a cheap and easy method to make coffee on cup at a time, with a little tweaking you can have the same results as a French press.

One of my favorite types of coffee is cold brewed coffee.  It is smooth, low acid and no bitterness.  You can use it to make hot and iced coffee but it is definitely not quick and you won’t have a cup of coffee in 90 seconds.

There are still more types of personal brewers out there for single cup and specialty coffee.  They do take time and make more of a mess than an automated brewer.  The rich, strong flavor though, is a big plus for those that use them.

Before you finally decide on which single cup personal brewer is best for you, do a little research on what’s available.  I have tried to take a little bit of the work for you so have a look at Brewing One Cup at a Time and 10 Tips for Picking the Right Coffeemaker.  You can also have a look at the individual reviews of different models.